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Description: Very rare desk chair from the 20s. Introduced on the Dutch market by Ahrend in the series of so called ''doe meer'' (do more) chairs and tables. Produced in the Tan Sad factory in England. This plant is known for producing the first ergonomic (work) chairs.

Chair is on cast iron wheels, the seat is rotatable and adjustable in height . Also the backrest is adjustable in height and angle. The chair shows wear in the usual placesThe backrest is once painted black (not original)The wrought iron attachment point of the backrest has been welded in the middleand is brokenOriginal brown vinyl leather upholstery. The color of the frame and backrest is black.

Materials: Cast iron, fabric, plywood and wrought iron

Dimensions: Max height: 88 cm – Width: 43 cm - Hight seat: adjustable

Technical details: Adjustable in height and angle

Condition: The chair is in good vintage condition. 

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Tags: Industrial, Ahrend, Tan Sad, 20th century, desk chair, loft