• Brand: Jieldé
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  • Location: Loft & Sound Den Haag
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Description: The lamp is designed in France by Jean-Louis Domecq in the 50s. Stunning timeless and robust design.

Jieldé lamps are characterized not only by their design but also by their usability and the thoughtful manner in which the electricity is transferred by brass rings from one half of a joint to the other half of the joint. This design makes it a modular product. This lamp is assembled from a Jieldé lamp in a soft green color and a Jieldé lamp in the familiar gray color.

The lamp is mounted on a old cast iron base from Paris, which combines perfectly in terms of weight and size with this lamp. The lamp can also be mounted up against the wall, the ceiling or on the workbench.

Materials: Steel, cast iron and aluminum

Dimensions: Overall length: 240 cm - Length of arm: 40 cm - Diameter shade (incl. bracket): 20 cm

Technical details: Equipped with a E27 swivel socket. 

Condition: The lamp is in beautiful restored condition patina is maintained.

Quantity: Sold!

Tags: Industrial, loft, vintage, Jieldé, machine lamp, factory lighting, floor lamp, loft, wall light, ceiling light, 50s, france, green, gray